jaime gerard cake petit four inside a cookie box


Jaime Gerard Cake takes a limited number of bookings per year so an early start to the design process is essential.  It is recommended that once your event date has been set a consultation be arranged.

Consultations form the backbone of the of design process and as such are mandatory.  We understand that some of our clients are overseas and may not be able to attend a face to face consultation at our atelier; these are the only exceptions and we shall then choose another method to discuss the cake design. 

What to expect from a Jaime Gerard Cake Consultation

Each cake at Jaime Gerard Cake is unique and designed with the couple in mind.  All cakes are created 'from the base up' paying attention to many different elements of the wedding.  Consultations usually last approximately 1 hour where details of the wedding theme, venue and other aspects important to the couple are discussed in detail. During this time the couple will be able to sample cake flavors which are updated on a quarterly basis and subject to seasonal availability.  


What is expected of the couple

At Jaime Gerard Cake we try our very best to create a comfortable, free-flowing discussion about the esthetic, balance and taste of each designed cake. We strive to make each couple feel as 'at home' as possible endeavoring to exchange with us their expectations for their wedding day, specifically their wedding cake.

A maximum of two people- preferably the engaged couple- is allowed during the tasting consultation. 

The couple will be asked to bring with them visuals or keepsakes that are important to them, this will be outlined in detail when a tasting consultation appointment is made.

No photos of other designers' cakes must be brought to the tasting.

Sculpted cakes aren't in the repertoire of Jaime Gerard Cake, but we will be happy to direct you to designers who create these.

  Wedding co-ordinators, taste-makers and all other individuals are welcome to schedule a tasting at our studio during our regular business hours.