Do you do other types of cakes?

We take a limited number of occasion cakes throughout the year.  Since this is a very small business we are not able to facilitate very many event requests.  We focus on wedding cakes mainly, but are open to discussing larger occasion cakes for more formal events.  If you would like to discuss another event, please feel free to email us.

Do you do any other products?

Our cakelets are perhaps our most requested product aside from our cakes. These mini cakes are ideal as a tiny tasting and can be customized to suit every occasion. Cakelets allow those who aren't in need of a large cake to still sample what we have on offer.

We also offer hand-painted/decorated sugar cookies in varying flavors, shapes and sizes, including edible cookie boxes filled with tiny treats.

French macarons, eclairs and petits fours complete our current line of products; all of these items are mainly sold on special holidays.  We have also begun providing these products packaged and fully customizable to serve as favors for weddings and other special events.

We are constantly developing new products to add to our collections and update our social media platforms regularly with new and exciting sweet treats to mark special holidays and religious observances.

jaime gerard cake nut free macarons trinidad and tobago


Do you make allergy sensitive cakes?

Much of the equipment currently used at Jaime Gerard Cake has been exposed to tree nuts; for instance, almonds for marzipan and French macarons.  So at this time it may not be completely allergy safe.  However, in the future we do hope to procure new equipment so as to provide 100% nut free cakes.  Unfortunately at the moment we aren't able to provide a 100% guarantee of trace free items, although all equipment and tools are vigorously washed and cleaned after each use.

We do however, make note of allergies and do our best to keep all surfaces and tools clean from any mentioned. And of course we do have nut-free cakes in our flavor profile offerings!

We operate in a 100% peanut free facility.

Can you tell me, just from an email or request form, the price of my cake?

No. Since each cake design is uniquely created for you, we are not able to give price quotes based on emails/form requests. We also cannot give an estimate from a photo of any cake sent to us, since we do not replicate cakes.

The final price of any cake can only be given after preliminary sketches are done and the design is decided upon by both the client and Jaime.  

I would love for you to use a fruit that isn't local, is that possible?

We place the freshness of our cakes' ingredients as a top priority at Jaime Gerard Cake.  We choose local ingredients because they are readily available and hence we can vouch for their peak freshness at the time of baking.  Cakes are baked and created on a very short timeline so that the cakes can be enjoyed to their fullest on your special day.  We work tirelessly to find flavors that will make you happy and that can work as a lovely substitute for ones that may not be on offer. 

Can I eat the flowers on my cake?

Yes! These flowers are edible, however you should be aware that although pasteurized raw eggs are used in gumpaste we do not advise eating the flowers/sugar work.  

Can I keep my florals/sugar work?

The lovely thing about gumpaste is that it keeps for a very, very long time. The humidity here in Trinidad is a tiny factor in how well they keep for a very extended period, however you can certainly retain them as a memento of your wonderful day as long as you protect them from the elements.

Do you deliver the cakes?

Definitely! Each cake is delivered and installed at your venue at a time that is pre-discussed.  We will not ship our cakes but are definitely willing to travel with them.